Celebrating Madeline Stuart


Brisbane born model, Madeline Stuart is celebrating her birthday on the 14th of November. She is back in Brisbane after winning the hearts of many during her stellar performance on the runway, at New York Fashion Week. Before she set off on this incredible journey, I had a chat to Madeline to find out more about what she enjoys in the world of fashion and modelling. Simply put, she is passionate about all things fashion and is keen to break a few barriers in the industry, surrounding what the “ideal” model looks like.

Her social media followers couldn’t be more supportive and are behind her every move, encouraging her in the different projects she is involved in. Her hard work isn’t in vein, a few days after she got back from New York, Madeline announced that she had been nominated for Australian of the Year. She took to Instagram to share the good news, including the certificate of being nominated as Australian of the year. A few few weeks ago Madeline also attended the Melbourne Cup where she modelled for the Endeavour Foundation.

Madeline Stuart announced she has been nominated for 2016 Australian of the Year

To celebrate her birthday in Brisbane, Madeline invites you to come and join her with I can I will a charity event called The Jelly Run which is the biggest food fight in Australia as part of the Bulimba festival. Whether or not you have a disability, this is an event that strives to include everyone and encourage open conversations about disability. You can also get the chance to meet Madeline and see her perform in her new Dance Ensemble. She is the Ambassador for both Charities which offer free programs for people with disabilities focusing on inclusion, fitness and fun. So tell a friend to tell a friend and come along!

For more information on the Jelly Run event: Visit http://www.icaniwill.org.au/events/jellyrun-bulimba-festival-2015/
For more information on the InsideOutsideTheatre, visit: http://www.insideoutsidetheatre.com/

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