A letter from my mentor


It’s been a crazy hectic week trying to balance my uni work, social life, side projects and part time job. It’s a lot to be juggling at the moment and sometimes you feel like you are working hard towards nothing. Last year Alex Malley released his first book titled “The Naked CEO”. Alex Malley is the CEO of CPA Australia and last year I had the pleasure of being mentored by a phenomenal woman who I met when I was at an all time career low. In other words I had no clear direction of where to begin and my life was still tossing between sticking with my entertainment degree or switching to a double degree in business and entertainment. I was playing the comparison game. I was too busy focusing on what my peers were studying and trying so desperately to study something that was deemed to land me a job easily. Entertainment is very broad and if you don’t know what exactly you want to do, you will did yourself second guessing every move you make. My mentor opened up a new world of possibility to me simply by sitting me down, setting some goals, figuring out my passions and providing insight into her own journey and some of the things she worked on.


This week has been a hard week for me, I am home sick and I won’t be going home anytime soon because I have to do a course in the summer but thankfully I’ll be seeing some of my family soon so I’m looking forward to that and trying my best to focus on all the positive aspects about my life as opposed to the negatives. As I was cleaning my room, I came across a card from my mentor which I honesty keep on the side of my bed so I can see it every morning. The card reinforced several things I already know about my journey but somehow each time I read it, the words sink in and take a new view each time.

The card reads…



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