Fashion & Style: The Brisbane Experience


When it comes to shopping and fashion, I must admit that Brisbane feels a little behind. We’ve only just got H&M, the Swedish multinational retail-clothing company, known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. Other Australian cities such as Sydney and Melbourne seem to have everything and fair enough they are bigger cities. As cited in The Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney beats Melbourne as the most fashionable city in Australia. According to a Global Language Monitor survey, Sydney sits comfortably at number 8 in the global fashion capital rankings, 18 places ahead of Melbourne who stumble in at 26. However, I feel like the battle between who the most fashionable city is between Sydney and Melbourne is pointless because The Courier Mail suggests that Melbourne is in fact the fashion capital of Australia. Confusing right?

There’s no denying that when I am in Melbourne I am in heaven when it comes to store options and the price you pay for clothes. Both your closet and bank account are always satisfied after a day of shopping in Melbourne. I’ve only traveled to Sydney once and based on that experience, Sydney seemed to have more options too and superb bargains. When I first moved to Brisbane, it was a nightmare trying to shop. It felt extremely limited for options and it also felt too pricey for me.

After a few months of living in Brisbane, I landed a job in retail with French Connection Australia. Safe to say this is where I started to master the art of how to shop successfully in Brisbane and how to get what I want here as opposed to moping over how Sydney and Melbourne provide you with a better shopping experience. I’ve since moved on from French Connection and currently work for Levi’s. In my opinion and based on my experience working in retail, you need to figure out what your style of clothing is and discover which stores cater to your styling needs. If you find your preference in style is out of your price range, then you could always be on the lookout for sales. You have to be willing to wait for the right shopping season when they have sales with generous markdowns on price. This might also mean that you have to alter your taste again because during sale time, sizes are limited and stock gets sold out pretty quick. So it sounds like a bit of work and might be challenging to start off with but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it does get better. Another quick tip is do not discount any stores when searching for your style because you just never know until you try.

This week I absolutely loved how a friend of mine (Paul) who is graduating from QUT in July, styled himself. Paul knows how to dress himself well and I am almost certain he obviously knows how to successfully shop around in Brisbane. Whether he is rocking a formal look or a casual look, it is always well thought through and put together nicely. With my love for fashion, I couldn’t resist sharing his look from yesterday. His style and choice in clothing, is a shining example that Brisbane may not tick all the boxes for providing you with an easy shopping experience in comparison to Sydney and Melbourne, but you can achieve a great look with what we have here. So gents, if you are graduating this July too and need a bit of help shopping around Brisbane I may have a solution for you.

Paul Mariano wearing: H&M Slim Navy Suit Jacket, H&M Premium Shirt, Ralph Lauren Tie, Uniqlo Slim Stretch Jeans, River Stripe Socks, Bauhaus Suede Lace-Ups
Paul Mariano wearing: H&M Slim Navy Suit Jacket, H&M Premium Shirt, Ralph Lauren Tie, Uniqlo Slim Stretch Jeans, River Stripe Socks, Bauhaus Suede Lace-Ups

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