Understanding where your REAL power comes from


As I grow older, I am starting to feel that I need God more than ever. While I may not publicly speak on my religion or relationship with God, I do have one and it is very dear to me. It is dear to me because I feel it was a gift from my mother, had it not been for her constant nagging and pushing for my siblings and I to go to church and pray, I wouldn’t know who God is or I wouldn’t have that foundation and understanding of how he works.


Growing up, my mom used to literally force us to pray and go to church all the time. I used to live and breathe the Holy Rosary and Mass. In all honesty, at the time I resented it all. There were times when we would go to church before school or be forced to pray the Rosary daily at 6pm. The Rosary felt like a punishment. It’s only recently that I have actually started to like the prayer and say it in a way that is meaningful.

Having said that, the Rosary is a prayer which I truly believed has saved me in some of my darkest moments. Sometimes I like to think that I am powerful enough to conquer anything with my own knowledge and will but I tend to forget that nothing has ever worked in my favor without God. For those of you who have a relationship with God, you probably know what I am talking about. You can always hear his voice telling you when something isn’t right or when something isn’t going to work. For years I have struggled with this and I always like to challenge that voice and do things my own way instead. But life will soon show you just how insignificant you can feel and be on your own without something greater than yourself holding you up. That something greater is often God. And every now and again I find myself learning this lesson over and over again.

The following video is a short snippet from Oprah’s Master Class which talks about this idea of God being the ultimate power that holds you, in depth. It is one of my favorite videos because it is literally 2mins of a powerful exchange of words that pick me up when I am broken.

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