Coming Out


I don’t know much about the transgender phenomenon or much about homosexuality either apart from the fact that the bible states that either of these things are a sin. With that said it becomes very difficult for me as a practicing Christian to support these things, while being fully aware that the Bible does not condone this.

Then my brain drifts off and starts to think of all the other things the Bible does not condone such as lying, abortion, murder, adultery and sex before marriage. These are all things that happen in society, but we have somehow found a way to pick and choose the things we feel are the worst out of what’s listed in the bible as a sin and judge people for it. As a Christian, I now find it very difficult to make an informative decision of what God accepts and what he won’t accept. From my understanding God loves us all no matter what. However, there is also the argument that God won’t love you if you are a homo sexual and many have made it clear to homosexuals that hell is surely a place that awaits for them when they die.

It becomes increasingly difficult for me to understand because I don’t know where being a homosexual or transgender originated from. I don’t know if it is something that someone is genuinely born with and something that they struggle through life feeling stifled as they are constantly reminded/aware that what they feel is morally wrong. Assuming that this is the case for many people who find themselves in this situation, what do you really do about it? In my family, we have people who are gay, and I am also aware that there is a gay family member who drank his life away because nobody could accept that he was gay. I sometimes think to myself how differently his life could have turned out if he had received the support he needed. Nobody had to necessarily agree with his sexuality but he also didn’t deserve to be isolated for it.

And so, in Bruce Jenner’s case, I want to applaud him for what many are calling “bravery”. I want to give him an applause for standing up to his children and wife and expressing how he feels that he is a woman inside, but I find myself stuck in this space of not knowing what I am really supporting. The likes of Oprah, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus have all applauded Jenner for coming out and many have written about him and portrayed him as a brave man, some even calling him a hero.

While I am not sure if I can give Jenner a pat on the back, I also know it must have been extremely difficult to look your children in the eye and tell them you are a woman. It must have been hard to do the same thing to your wife whom you have raised these children with. And for that I can definitely respect him because it is not always easy facing your truth. Sometimes your truth is so messed up, you would much rather live with the pain of hiding it from those you love and pretending that you are okay inside when you are not. I’m sure at one point in all our lives we have had truths about ourselves that no one else knew and that we would never dare share because of the fear of what those people would do or say to us.

Fear consumes many of us. So from this perspective I can truly say I do respect him because there could have easily been many other devastating options he may have taken such as suicide, going into depression or isolating himself. In the exclusive interview with Dian Sawyer, Bruce Jenner confirms the suicidal thought’s as he said, “the easiest thing would be to go into a room, get a gun and bang, go to another place. But then I thought now, I want to see how this story ends”.

So when faced with such choices of either facing your truth or committing suicide, I think we would all agree that do whatever it takes to stay alive and run your race to the very end. I also appreciate that for anyone who is in a similar situation can find strength in what Bruce Jenner has to say for those who can relate. Perhaps someone who is at a breaking point, contemplating suicide, in a deep depression or even at the brink of a mental breakdown, can find the strength to continue being strong in a world that is waiting to crush you for having different thought.

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