From Nothing to Someting: L&J Music


It is always refreshing to see young people doing what they love and working towards not only improving themselves but other people too. L&J music is a gospel, r&b duo based in Australia who once lived in Zimbabwe. L&J stands for Laurette and James who are siblings that shared similar tastes in music and had a passion to find their voice and share it with the world. Music is something that Laurette says was inherited from her mother who sang in the church choir. Church is what inspired Laurette and James to pursue their dream and the passion to sing that was already burning in them. Coming from a Congolese and refugee background, it is remarkable to see how Laurette and James have transformed their lives through music and how their music has also inspired individuals who have listened to them. The purpose of L&J music is to uplift and inspire individuals from different walks of life, whether you are a refugee, old or young, educated or not educated, you can find refuge in their music and story.

Hearing success stories form individuals you can relate to or those who have been through what you are going through, allows you to believe that there is hope for everyone. L&J’s music reflects this as they started from very humble beginnings but never lost sight of their dream, regardless of how difficult the journey was. Often in life we give up when things get too hard or when rejection becomes too much. We give up before the dream is realised. Never in a million years did Laurette and James think they would find themselves sitting in the Warner Brother’s studios in Australia, waiting to be heard. Through hard work and perseverance it happened. James describes this as going from nothing to something.

Their experience at the Warner Brother’s studios inspired their debut single “my very moment” which will be released on 13th December, 2014. This is a song that anyone can relate to because we have all had moments in our lives that were either; exhilarating, life changing or inspiring. Perhaps it was getting a job promotion you were waiting on, or the dream house you had been saving up for or even graduating from college despite failing a few courses or fear of not being able to fund your education. These moments are captured in the lyrics of LnJ’s single and will leave you inspired not only by their powerful voices but if you dig deep in your heart, your own story too which is your very moment.



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