Reflection: Travel, explore, engage, learn and teach!


5 years ago if you had asked me what I wanted to do or be, I think my answer would have been very small minded and limited to my current environment at the time. There is something about travelling, exploring a new way of life, engaging with local people and travellers, that inspires growth and teaches you certain things that can’t be taught by books, your parents, friends or lecturers. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, I often wonder where my desire to travel and open myself up to the world stemmed from and the only thing that seems to connect with that, would be the person I was when I was a child.

From what my parents told me and what I remember, I was a bit of an extrovert. I was outgoing (with parental guidance of course), clingy towards mom and never listened to mom either. I lived in my own little world. My fondest vague memory and story that mom told me, is of when we took my older sister to her sports day at school. She was going to run a 100m race and we were there in full swing to support her. My mom knew I had a mind of my own so she had lectured me previously not leave her side and stay put with her. But what’s a life without no fun right? I couldn’t stay put so when my sister was about to run I bolted off and joined the race. I wanted so badly to be like the other school kids, even though I wasn’t even old enough to read or write, I just wanted to be a school kid that day. She was mad at me but I ran so fast all she could do in the end was laugh and wait for me to come back.

I often wondered what happened to that little girl, as crazy as she may have been, she didn’t let anything hold her back. When she wanted something she went for it without second guessing herself too much or letting the opinions of other people hold her back. As I grew a little older I started to lose this little girl (maybe that’s the growth part of life, we change). Instead of being an extrovert I became an introvert. I was too shy to do anything and struggled to put myself out there anymore.
A few years down the line, I travelled to New Zealand where I completed a few months of high school. I didn’t know what to expect and so I went in with open arms. I discovered a new way of learning and life. It wasn’t completely everything nor was it magical but it taught me how to be independent in a foreign country. It taught me that life does not and will not hand you what you want and when you want it. You will have to fight for it, put yourself forward and make your request known to people, even with a shaky voice and hope for the best.

… To be continued



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