I absolutely love photography for many reasons and I was so privileged to work with the amazing photographer, Andrew Cumberland on various shots of myself. Model portraits are not his thing but he broke that rule and we worked on so many different looks. I am always intrigued by every artists work in terms of the whole process. This includes the concept they were trying to convey and perhaps the message they want to send through that visual element. When it comes to how I like to present my work I am all about color. The brighter the better. I also try not to have too much editing done because we already live in a world where the definition of real beauty is distorted beyond measure. So my aim is to have crisp elegant shots that look natural. This isn’t always easy to achieve but I think I’m learning.

I’m still in the process of working through the pictures I have. The picture below is one of my favorite shots because Andrew and I did this outside with no extra lighting and just took advantage of the sun. I have done the editing myself and made it a little brighter because I am all about rich strong colors and I also did a contrast in black and white.


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