Oprah Winfrey-Master Class-Surrender-The Secret to Allowing Greater Outcomes


Ever felt like giving up on something you worked so hard for and it just didn’t turn out the way you had hoped or anticipated?

Such a turnout of events can lead to all sorts of negative thinking about where you are in life, your surroundings and your future. Words and thoughts are really powerful things that affect almost everything we do in this life.

This video shared by Oprah, is a description of how wanting something is only the first step.

Yes, want it with all of your heart. Then release it and let it go. Surrender to the higher forces, to God, to the Source, to the Universe. “Allow” God and the Universe the freedom to provide something bigger than our smaller human selves can dare to imagine.

Don’t be afraid to dream big because of your circumstances or current capabilities. It is so important that we keep our dreams alive in this life and share the dream with those we trust, to keep the dream alive. Ultimately we should aim to inspire one another as opposed to bringing each other down. It’s hard enough to find inspiration, getting motivation and keeping that flow of energy running. The last thing we need is to bring each other down.20110403-oprah-winfrey-intention-600x411


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