Experience Oz + NZ’s 2017 Top 10 Destinations of the Year Nominees


As the year comes to an end, perhaps travel plans are back on your priority list as you look forward to the silly season. 

With New Zealand only being stones throw away from Australia, it’s only fitting to explore some of the regions hidden gems and highlight the best kept travel secrets.

Travel website Experience Oz + NZ ‘New Zealand’s Top 10 Destinations to Experience,’ a major international and domestic poll now in its fifth year, aims to find out the answer to this question every year, with the hope of bringing to light destinations that may often fall on the back burner of your travel list.

The online experience provider just announced the nominees for its fifth annual campaign and each destination has something unique to offer every traveller.

Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or like to immerse yourself in the history and culture of a new city, New Zealand provides the perfect balance, both in the North Island and South Island.

Below are the nominees for Experience Oz + NZ ‘New Zealand’s Top 10 Destinations to Experience’

North Island


To vote for your favourite New Zealand destination visit: http://bit.ly/2Ab9UJ9


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